Carole Williamson: A Story About “Them”

“I think that the staff is extraordinary. It’s not a story about me that I want to tell, it’s a story about them. They are so professional, yet so personal.” These are the words of patient, Carole Williamson, after her most recent visit at Tidewater Physical Therapy.

It was February of 2016 when Seaford resident Carole Williamson was caring for her grandson at his home in Virginia Beach while his parents were on vacation. When walking out of the living room one day, she turned and tripped; breaking her left humerus bone and partially dislocating her shoulder.

The break and dislocation was treated at an emergency room immediately. Two weeks later, an orthopedic specialist performed surgery on Carole due to damage caused by her partial dislocation and break. Physical therapy was then prescribed to aid in her recovery.

Due to neck and back issues in the past, Carole had previously been a patient of Craig Joachimowski, PT, OCS, CHT at Tidewater Physical Therapy’s Seaford clinic. She immediately knew that for the rehabilitation needed for her arm, she wanted to return to friends at Tidewater Physical Therapy. In looking back at her previous visits to Tidewater Physical Therapy, she says, “The consistency of the team is wonderful,” feeling thrilled to be returning.

She attended physical therapy sessions three times a week and made sure to do her home exercises as well. Carole was determined to get better and it was her determination that proved key in her recovery. Although her range of motion quickly improved, it was her strength that took more time to build and recover. Carole graduated from physical therapy in August of 2016, but is still committed to her home exercises. Today, she continues her routine and in addition, rides a stationary bike at home.

In reminiscing on her time at Tidewater Physical Therapy, Carole could not stress enough about her love for the staff at the Seaford clinic. She says, “They take the time to get to know their patients. They are stern, but in a way that makes you feel so comforted.”