TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instruction

TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institute, which is a development center for golfers, to condition themselves and improve their performance in the game. Professionals with the TPI Medical Certification are called “TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructors.” Our Centerville clinic exclusively offers TPI Medical Golf Fitness instruction. Matthew Green, DPT, CLT, our senior physical therapist and clinical director is a Level One Medical TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. This certification gives Matt the knowledge to asses and rehabilitate golf-specific injuries, as well as help golfers improve their overall performance. TPI has spent almost two decades studying one thing – the Body-Swing Connection ™. There are injuries associated with the golf swing that few understand better than TPI. Medical Certification looks at how these injures develop, how to access and treat these injuries and how specific physical limitations can be addressed to improve performance.

What is golf fitness?

Golf fitness is about understanding how a body’s limitation can influence the golf swing and how to address those limitation through the proper channels’ whether its thorough swing instruction, physical rehabilitation or strength conditioning exercise. It’s about understanding the latest technology and how that technology can be implemented to increase performance.

Who is a good candidate to see a Certified TPT Medical Professional?

Golfers who have a golf-specific injury and need assessment of the injury and rehabilitation in order to get back in the game.

How long does an evaluation by a Certified TPT Medical Professional take?

The timing can vary pending on your injury. Please ask your TPI Medical Professional for an estimate.

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TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructions
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