Athletic Performance Therapy

Athletic Performance Therapy helps bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training. As musculoskeletal specialists, PTs are experts in injury rehabilitation. But they are also experts in maximizing athletic potential. In taking a thorough medical history, including previous injuries and pre-existing medical conditions, Physical Therapists can identify the physical issues holding an athlete back. Physical Therapists also identify specific functional problems that may be impeding an athlete’s performance such as muscular timing or weakness and spine health.

Who is a good candidate for Athletic or Sports Performance Therapy?

An athlete who could benefit from conditioning after an injury, rehabilitation after an injury, injury prevention or an athlete who could benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and/or workout plan designed to fit their specific needs.

How long does an Evaluation by a Physical Therapist take?

The timing can vary depending on your Evaluation. Please ask your Physical Therapist for an estimate.

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