Tidewater Physical Therapy uses a research-based treatment approach to its revolutionary Lymphedema Program. Our program is led by Matthew Greene, DPT, CLT who is the Senior Physical Therapist and Clinical Director for Tidewater Physical Therapy in Harrington, Delaware and Joshua Bigelow, DPT, CLT, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Clinical Director in our Centreville, Maryland location. The Lymphedema program is designed to assess and identify Lymphedema stages, educate patients about precautionary measures, implement comprehensive treatment and provide self-management instructions. Surgical lymph node removal, scarring from infection or radiation therapy and chronic circulatory dysfunction may lead to insufficient lymph fluid flow, resulting in progressive edema in a body part.

What type of treatment does the Lymphedema program at Tidewater Physical Therapy provide?

The Lymphedema program at Tidewater Physical Therapy is tailored to an individuals specific diagnoses and needs. The treatment program may include evaluation, manual lymph drainage, multi-layer compression bandaging, sequential pumping, comprehensive fitness exercises, maintenance supplies and scheduled follow-up treatments to assess needs as conditions change.

Who is a good candidate for the Lymphedema program?

Individuals with evidence of edema (swelling) in any area of the body are candidates for Lymphedema treatment. Awareness of swelling, tenderness, stiffness or heaviness may be the result of accumulating lymph fluid. With early identification, intervention, proper treatment and management, Lymphedema can be controlled, allowing an individual to lead a normal life.

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