Stroke Rehabilitation

After experiencing a stroke, physical therapy is a crucial rehabilitation component. Your therapist will create a personalized program for you to help you achieve the highest quality of life possible. All programs are different as they are specific to your needs and lifestyle, but you can generally expect the following out of your program:

  • Working on strengthening exercises and functional activities
  • Relearning to use your upper body
  • Relearning how to walk
  • Learning how to improving your balance
  • Being fitted with a wheelchair if needed
  • Learning to use devices that can help you and keep you mobile when a stroke has affected your ability to move, walk or keep your balance (i.e. orthoses, prostheses, canes, walkers, wheelchair, and perhaps even robotics).
  • Personalized training to your family or caregivers if needed

Who is a good candidate for Stroke Rehabilitation?

Anyone who has experienced a stroke, is a good candidate for stroke rehabilitation. Even if the stroke was minor in nature, it is smart to get a professional evaluation by a physical therapist to gauge your ability to do the daily tasks at the level you used to.

How long are stroke rehabilitation patients generally treated for?

It depends on the severity of your stroke, and the loss of physical function that occurred as a result. Please refer to your physical therapist for an estimate.

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