Physical Therapy for balance is very common for people who have difficulty remaining stable and in upright positions when standing, walking or even sitting. Seniors are at a higher risk of having balance problems. Physical therapist can treat these issues, based on a person’s needs. In order to diagnose, a physical therapist will evaluate systems of the body including the muscles, joints, inner ear, eye tracking stability, skin sensation, and position awareness in the joints. Once your physical therapist pinpoints the cause, they will work with you to design an individual treatment program to address your specific issues. Your PT will also give you tips to reduce fall risks in your environment such as, faulty footwear, poor lighting or loose rungs in your home, unrestrained pets, and other possible physical obstacles in your environment.

Who is a good candidate for Balance Therapy?

Any individual sufferings from balance issues is a good candidate to be evaluated by a physical therapist.

How long does Balance Therapy last?

The timing can vary pending on your evaluation. Please ask your physical therapist for an estimate.

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