Pre-and Post-Operative and Joint Replacement Therapy

Pre-operative rehabilitation helps to improve muscle memory for patients preparing to have surgery. The goal in pre-operative rehabilitation is to speed post-operative recovery. Many patients with upcoming surgeries go months or years avoiding the use of a certain area of body part. Through pre-operative rehabilitation, therapists can help patients to maximize the functional use of that body part before surgery.

Post-operative rehabilitation helps patients return to normal activities after surgery. Whether this means high-level sports or grocery shopping, the therapist will create a post-operative rehabilitation plan to fit the patient’s needs. The therapist typically assesses the patient’s preexisting level of function before determining how long post-operative care will last.

Who is a good candidate for pre- or post-operative therapy?

Patients commonly have rehabilitation therapy surrounding joint replacements, as well as knee, hip and shoulder surgeries.

How long does a session last?

Treatment varies depending on the type of procedure done.

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