Gregg Harrington: Army Soldier, Police Officer, PT Patient

Gregg Harrington

Retired Maryland State Trooper, Gregg Harrington, became a patient of our Centreville clinic in February 2016, after an ACL and meniscus injury

As a former Solider in the United States Army and a retired Maryland State Trooper, physical activity and fitness was a lifestyle for Gregg.  During a routine workout in Chestertown, Gregg encountered a large hill on his course. Sometime during his ascent, he started to feel pain in his knee. He pushed through the pain, to finish his workout, and “walked it off,” at the end.

However, the pain in his knee, only got worse. For six months, Gregg suffered through daily knee pain. After letting half-a-year pass, he could no longer ignore his injury as the pain was too severe.

diagram of knee

After seeing an orthopedic surgeon, Gregg was informed he had a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and meniscus. On January 29, 2016, he underwent surgery to repair the torn ligament and cartilage in his knee. After surgery was complete, Gregg’s surgeon referred him to Tidewater Physical Therapy, to finish the healing process.

Gregg started his physical therapy sessions less than a month after his surgery, performing his exercises still in a brace and using crutches. As he continued doing small exercises, like “one leg stands” and “leg lifts”, he built up his strength. He moved on to “leg presses” and started to run on the tread mill. With continued success in his program, Gregg’s sessions decreased from three times a week, to one time a week, until he successfully graduated in May.

therapist gathering for picture

During his therapy, Gregg worked closely with all clinic staff including Clinical Director Matthew Greene DPT, CLT, Physical Therapy Assistants, Kimberly Diem, CLT, and Paige Murphy, and Physical Therapy Technician, Patrick Montgomery. Each person on the team was a vital part of his recover along the way.

Gregg shared that during his treatment, he was impressed with the comprehensive therapy program he was given, and the support he experienced along the way.

Today, Gregg is exercising and running like he previously did, before his injury. With high spirits, Gregg feels no activity is too difficult. With the help of Tidewater Physical Therapy, he was able to recover and get back to doing the things he loves in life.